An efficient, swift & professional job

An efficient, swift & professional job

“We couldn’t be happier with our new pool! And with the customer service you provided during construction and beyond. Your level of professionalism has, from day one, far exceeded our expectations, putting our media-fed fear of pool companies to rest. From Ray’s...

Bob McIntyre – Almar/Jackson Pools

Bob & Meg McIntyre have been Almar customers for ten years.  Over the last ten years, Almar/Jackson has taken care of all their repairs.  Mrs. McIntyre shops in the store and highly recommends them!  

Turner – Almar/Jackson Pools

Tom & Susan Turner built their first pool with Almar/Jackson Pools in 1996, and since have built 8 pools with Gerry and Ray.  They find them incredibly professional and easy to work with!  

Levin – Almar/Jackson Pools

Howie and Rhonda Levin view their pool as the focal point in their newly constructed home.  They love the many intricate features of their pool, like the table inside the pool and the pool's large sun shelf.